Building software & teams with a passion

My Journey

Started my career at Bell Labs where we took a research prototype to a commercially deployed product in all of Lucent's wireline and wirele ss products. This was a high performance (ACID) database which had read performance 10 times fa ster than any other disk based database engine. I worked in various aspects from mutex, locking, index and relational subsystems. This was a one of the most rewarding endeavors and glad to have been part of the Datablitz team in my first job after school.

After this I moved to a startup building hight performance routers. We had creative culture which allowed us to be very productive. I worked in the network management team where I was responsible for the storage systems on the routers. Also spent some time in the protocol stack and with enhancing our integration test suites. We were bought by UTstarcom a telecom solution provider.

The next startup was still in the telecom space. We build technology to enable mobile broadcasting applications. TV was the first application we targeted. I was responsible for the server team and built the world's only multi-protocol tv guide server for mobile broad casting. I lead a distributed team in NJ and Ukraine.

At this point I decided to look at other domains and fintech was a good area. The first foray was into high-frequency trading. We traded stocks within seconds and were market makers for all US equities. The technical challenges to continuously improving our software to generate daily revenue was extremely satisfying. At my time there I was responsible to executing our expansion into the Canadian markets.

Moving from the stock markets to the bond markets in next startup was a shift. The bond markets have limited access to open markets and pricing. We hoped to change that. It was difficult to convert legacy trading behavior.

After my years in financial and telecom, the healthcare domain beckoned. At Betterpath we hope to transform patient access to their medical data.

I had a brief stint at a company aiming to help sales by building connection networks. At Emissay the goal was to it to the product of choice for sales professsionals.

I have been a programming on backend systems (UNIX) all my career. I am able to take my technical expertise into new domains and with new teams. I believe to build great technology one needs great teams and culture. My passion is to take business ideas and make them a reality using on my software skills.

For more details my résumé.