I'm khivi, a software engineer based in New Jersey with 20+ years of experience in the software industry. My experience in storage, telecommunications, fintech, retail, healthcare has given me vast knowledge of how technology can enable business with limited resources. I have built high-performing technical teams in fortune 100 companies and startups.

How I add value

Engineering excellence

My expertise is to help you to make the right architectural decisions at each stage of your journey. In growth phase you will make tradeoffs, Change is constant — you want your technology to scale easily. I build solutions that are less costly to iterate. This requires strong knowledge of technology and smart predictions of when assumptions change.

Engineers have a tendency to go after the next shiny gem. Consultants will want to build large solutions to prove their worth. Firstly, no customer pays for the technology you use. Secondly, complexity is always harder to maintain eventually. I strongly believe in building simple solutions that align to the customer needs.

I have built high-performing technical teams in fortune 100 companies and startups. Getting the right talent is important. Having the right processes is also important. My expertise in attracting strong engineers, mentoring and nurturing them to bring out the best of their craft.

Product culture

My experience is in startups where I have built the technology execution culture from the ground-up. I have joined existing teams and transformed their execution engine. I have executed strategies in large companies to align with the business.

Building technical solutions is an art with cross-functional expertise — Product, Engineering, Sales, Business etc. My expertise in championing software development methodologies allows me to be creative in the software delivery process. I believe in adapting processes to ground realities. The goal is collaborating and build high-quality solutions listening to all stakeholders.

Building a software product involves strategy, planning, development, quality assurance and deployment. For me, I observe the constraints at each stage; then execute incremental improvements to deliver better. In the end it is all about managing risk — to prioritize the right problems we want to tackle. Technology should make progress each day towards the business needs.


My passion has been to nuture an high-performance culture in companies. My book which you can Buy on Amazon distills my execution strategy.

I also give many talks on product, engineering and programming. You can join my talk series here.

Currently I am working on a book on software engineering.


Technical skill is mastery of complexity while creativity is mastery of simplicity

Erik Christopher

Delay decisions to last responsible moment


Build the knowns. Research the unknowns


Your outcomes are a lagging measure of your habits

James Clear

There is nothing permanent except change


I reserve the right to be wrong


The perfect is the enemy of the good


Consistency over time is trust. There’s no shortcut for either

Jeff Weiner



Operating Systems

Programming Languages


Product Management


Vinay - Engineer
Amazing mentor. Khivi has helped many of us to shape our careers, towards becoming good developers. He has the notion of challenging engineers, allow them come up with solutions, guide them appropriately
Tate - CTO
Khivi looks beyond the code and beyond the technology to what is most important to a successful startup. Culture. Khivi helps to ensure that the companies he works with have the opportunity to maximize their potential
Brett - VP, Product
Khivi has such a mature, well-rounded perspective on product development and engineering practice. His point-of-view is paradoxically pragmatic yet strategic – allowing teams, roadmaps and architecture to stay flexible and nimble and not over-engineered
Vikram - Founder
Khivi's guidance and mentorship to the young team has been particularly crucial and helped make them significantly better software engineers, write better code and design more scalable and maintainable systems


Let me help you build your technology. I plan and execute on strategy, scaling and delivery .